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If you`re looking for ways to convey the concept of “contracting out” in your writing, there are plenty of terms and phrases that can help you communicate the idea effectively. These alternative expressions can help you avoid relying too heavily on one particular term, making your writing more varied and engaging.

Here are some other words and phrases for contracting out that you might find useful:

1. Outsourcing – This is perhaps the most commonly used alternative to contracting out. Outsourcing means hiring an external company or individual to perform a task or function that would ordinarily be handled by your own employees.

2. Subcontracting – When you hire a third-party to perform a specific job or function as part of a larger project, you are subcontracting. This term is often used in construction or manufacturing environments.

3. Freelancing – If you contract an individual to provide a service or complete a specific task, they may be referred to as a freelancer. This term is often associated with creative or technical professions such as writing, photography, or web design.

4. Offshoring – When a company contracts work or services to a business or individual located in another country, this is known as offshoring. This term is often used in the context of international trade.

5. Partnering – Some companies prefer to use the term “partnering” instead of “contracting out” to emphasize the collaborative nature of their relationship with the third-party provider.

6. Externalizing – This term is used to describe the process of transferring a function or task from within a company to an external party, which can help an organization reduce costs and improve efficiency.

7. Co-sourcing – This involves partnering with an external provider to share the responsibility for a particular function or process. This approach can be beneficial when you want to retain some control over the work being done.

8. Privatizing – This term refers to the transfer of ownership or control of a public service or function to a private entity. This can be controversial, as it involves the shift of a responsibility that was once considered a public good to a profit-driven organization.

While “contracting out” remains a useful term for describing the practice of hiring an external party to perform work or services, it`s always helpful to have a range of alternative phrases and words at your disposal. By using these various expressions, you can communicate your message more clearly and keep your writing fresh and engaging.